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Xyllos Point of Sales System

The Complete POS System to run every part of your business. Remove complexities in workflows, automate your back office, save time and money. Xyllos POS comes with inventory management, reporting, credit customer management with live data dislay to mobile app.

Xyllos POS is the ideal solution for the business owners who can't afford lots of money or risk the money for a system which is not familiar. We give the best system for a very low cost plan which does not risk your money or business.

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Jobs Daily

Jobs Daily is an online job recruiting and advertising platform in Sri Lanka. Jobs Daily provide complete solution for job recruitment, advertising and cv based job matching via several websites, apps and services. Jobs Daily services helps recruiters to automate their entire recruitment process including skill-based search, automatic filtering and online recruitment. Jobs Daily helps job seekers to find the right job matched to their skills through advanced filtering and matching mechanisms.


Bittribes is an online magazine, blog and widespread knowledge resource of latest technologies and trends for software, web and mobile developers. Our mission is to seek knowledge and discover opportunities while sharing them with the rest of the world.

At Bittribes, we provide you with a vast apprehension of technologies from around the world. Bitttribes is all about keeping you up to date on what’s new in the fields of computer technology, programming, networking, API, AI and much more. You can also find out about technology-related services and learn more about marketing and online advertising techniques with Bittribes. Furthermore, we will bring you fun facts about renowned technological breakthroughs and accomplishments, along with mind-blowing and captivating write-ups on miscellaneous themes.

Online Exam Result Management System

OnERem is a Online Exam Result Management System for schools and tuition classes. This is a complete online solution for paper marking result process and student side result process. This will automate all calculations and make easy for managing heavy exams. By using this system teachers can track their students individual or class wise performance and also student have that benefit too.

This service mostly used in Sri Lanka and we've checked and successfully implemented OnEReM with several tuition classes and schools. According to the success of this service we decided to provide this service all over the world. If you need any special modification we are ready for that.

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